Are You Imprisoned by the “Golden Handcuffs?”

Have you ever felt trapped in your job? You feel that you can’t quit because you “can’t waste your degree” or leave those great benefits you have of health insurance, 401K, and a comfortable salary.

retirement plans

I understand. I’ve been there. I’ve also known countless people who are “doing time” in their jobs, as they plan to work a certain number of years until the magical day when they will finally receive their anticipated retirement.

Recently I had a conversation with a state worker who had her first baby two years ago. I asked her how she was doing, and how she liked her new position, as she had been promoted within the state system. She replied, “I only have fourteen more years to go until I retire. Then I’ll do something that I love to do.”

I wished her well, and then pondered the impact of her statement for the rest of the day. “I only have fourteen more years to go until I retire. Then I’ll do something that I love to do.”
Is this you? Is your life on hold because you are in bondage from your own “Golden Handcuffs?”golden handcuffs





I’ve meditated on the concept of people living their purpose and passions, and those who “just do time” for many years, especially since I lost my mother as a young child. She died of breast cancer when she was only 36 years old, leaving her husband and two young children behind; my brother and myself.

doing time
When I meet others who are “doing time” in their jobs and lives waiting for “someday” to do something more rewarding for themselves, I can’t help but feel a bit of sadness wash over me. I can’t find the day “Someday” on any calendar.


With all this being said, I am not telling anyone to jump off a financial cliff, be irresponsible and quit their job tomorrow to embark on an emotional tailspin.

What I am saying is to give yourself permission to dream again. Take chances on activity that brings more joy into your life; perhaps it will consist of a different employment path or entrepreneurship after all.

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The answers will reveal themselves over time. Perhaps you will finally sign up for that pottery class or singing lessons you’ve been putting off for two years. Maybe it’s time to volunteer for your local community theater or take that college class that interests you. Will you join the hiking group you recently heard about?

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Whatever you do or don’t do, it’s always nice to share your thoughts with someone. Do you have a friend or family member who can encourage you in your dreams and goals? Have you ever considered talking to an objective mentor?

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I’d like to be that objective mentor for you. Call me at 973-346-2663 or at Contact Us box and schedule a call with me for a free strategy session. Let me help you break free of your Golden Handcuffs and help you discover your joy Today, and not Someday.

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