Employee Services

Plenty of hardworking people out there are doing great in their current employment, and to help them keep on track, we have Employee Services.  No matter if you are looking for help in writing resumes and cover letters or you are looking for more specific needs, we can help you with the resources you need.

LoveMyJobWork Style & Career Assessments

The more you know about yourself, the better the decisions you can make about your job and your career. Employee Services can help you make career assessments that can help you identify your strengths and transferable skills, build a better relationship with your boss, communicate with challenging colleagues, and choose a job that fits your personality and temperament.

Business Leadership

Maybe you’re part of a team that doesn’t get along or you have coworkers that are really brilliant but difficult to work with. Perhaps communication has become more challenging or it’s tough to keep everything straight. Unfortunately, unlike big corporate managers, career business operators often have nowhere to turn for help in dealing with such issues.  Helping you to improve your leadership and communication style is one of the pivotal roles that Employee Services can play for you.

Job Search Strategies

The hardest part of employment is finding that dream job. Employee Services brings years of experience to assist you with your job search.   A successful job-seeking effort involves five specific steps:

  1. Establishing career goals which match abilities & interests
  2. Developing an effective, attention-grabbing resume
  3. Using personal & online networking strategies
  4. Creating a positive impression during interviews
  5. Making a wise decision when you receive an offer

♦  Career Choice:  If you are unsure of your career direction or have trouble finding work that fits you, our Career Choice Process may help. Using standard career interest and work style assessments, plus “homework” exercises and individual coaching, you can identify the type of job you prefer and the kind of place you like to work.

♦  Resume Review:  With our proven three-factor formula, we can sharpen your resume and make it more appealing to interviewers. If you are applying for plenty of openings, but not getting any interviews, then your resume may not be doing a good job of “selling” you to potential employers.

♦  Networking & Interviewing:  Through phone coaching sessions, we can help you develop effective networking strategies and sharpen your interview skills. Specific interview practice can help you present yourself in the best light and answer those difficult questions.

Let Employee Services help you land your dream job and engage those skills that make you a great employee!

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