Do you know what you want to be when you grow up?

No joke, some people hear that question all their lives and don’t know.

I’ve always thought that was the wrong question so I have a better one for you.

What do you most want to experience in this life of yours?

Now, that’s a more exciting question you may not have asked yourself— at least for a long while.

What would be ideal for you in different areas of your life, from where you live and what you do, to what you create and how you best serve others while serving your best interests?

This was a choice that Misty made. She lived on a few acres with her family, and also loved flowers. She especially loved dahlias. She had tried several businesses but nothing really spoke to her soul. Then after she made some dahlia bouquets for some friends and got requests for more, she was asked how much she charged.  The idea for a business bloomed..

She parceled out a piece of her land and three years later has a dahlia farm of 500 plants. She has a subscription service for several businesses to deliver bouquets weekly in the summer; and she does farm tours complete with a workshop of making your own bouquet.  During the workshop a local nutritionist cooks an amazing meal consisting of farm fresh local produce for each guest. This includes locally made wine and beer in addition to homemade rhubarb strawberry lemonade from local strawberries and rhubarb. She hosts weddings at her picturesque farm also, while also supplying the flowers and bouquets for each wedding. I know how awesome her farm tours are. I recently went on one myself. I still have the beautiful bouquet on my kitchen table as of this writing.

She says that she always loved working outside and “in the dirt, growing things” all her life. She can’t imagine doing anything else now, except for selling the books that she has written, and making the beautiful pendants, pillows and gift items made by pictures of her dahlias. She said that they keep her happy in the winter when she looks at them, so she can have them with her the whole year long.

Misty answered her heart’s call to do what she loves. Are you answering your heart’s call? Do you know what that is?

To feed my own soul I became a Profiting from Your Passions Career Transition/Fulfillment Coach. I needed to find answers for myself and also wanted to help people create their ideal life.

​​​​​​​I help you get answers to these questions, and empower you to get clear about what you most love and feel moved to do, to be or have at this point in your life.

Getting clarity is the first step to taking full charge of your life. Deciding that you are worthy of living your most passionate life can be a bigger step.

That’s what had to happen for me. Clarity and a big life decision to live the life I most yearned for and knew could come true.

That decision has led me to share a powerful and transformative seven step program created by Dr. Valerie Young. It helps you get clarity on what you most want to experience in life. You learn to use the tools that enable you to go out there and get it while earning an income.

It’s an incredible opportunity to live your passions.

So call me at 973-346-2663 to schedule a free strategy session. I’d love to help you to do what you love, and love what you do! My guarantee: Hit your goals or get coached for free!

However, there is a disclaimer: I only take highly motivated clients who are not afraid to work, and who are ready to make changes in their lives. I weed out excuses. I don’t take on procrastinators and complainers. If that’s you then please do not call me.

Many people daydream and don’t follow through on their desires. Ever start a diet and exercise program only to give it up when that ice cream looked too good to pass up?

When I work with you to help you make happen what YOU want to make happen, I hold you accountable. Changes will occur. Your goals will be reached. For goals to be reached in your life you must do the necessary work. Period.

So call me at 973-346-2663 to schedule a free strategy session if you truly want to work at making positive changes in your life. I’m here for you to help you achieve what YOU want to achieve. That’s no flowery promise. That’s the truth.

All the Best,

Hillary- Your Biz Mama!