Weeding Out Excuses

“Do you know what you want to be when you grow up?”

No joke, some people hear that question all their lives and don’t know.

I’ve always thought that was the wrong question so I have a better one for you.

What do you most want to experience in this life of yours?

Now, that’s a more exciting question you may not have asked yourself— at least for a long while.

What would be ideal for you in different areas of your life, from where you live and what you do, to what you create and how you best serve others while serving your best interests?

That’s a lot to ponder. Many search their whole lives for a meaningful and rewarding way to make a living.

Sometimes your heart’s calling sprouts up in unexpected ways.

Misty tried several different businesses over the years – network marketing types. She did well,  but she knew in her heart that these businesses did not make her soul sing.

She lives on several acres in Palmer, Alaska. She was always skilled at growing vegetables and flowers, and loved working in the soil since she was very young. Her son brought home a small dahlia starter from kindergarten one day many years ago, which she planted and grew into a beautiful flower. This resulted in her love for dahlias growing mightily.  Time passed, many flowers grew, and being of a generous nature, she eventually made some bouquets for friends.


Her bouquets were very popular, and people started asking her what she charged. The idea bloomed into a flower farm, and now Misty grows over 500 dahlias at her business All Dahlia’d Up. (http://www.mistyvanderweele.com) In the summer, she conducts farm tours complete with a workshop of building your own beautiful bouquet, which concludes with a delicious meal consisting of local fresh food cooked by a talented nutritionist.

For beverages, Misty offers locally made wine and beer as well as her fabulous rhubarb strawberry lemonade made with strawberries and rhubarb grown nearby.

I know all about Misty and her business personally because I took this farm tour recently, and still have my lovely bouquet proudly displayed on my kitchen table at this writing.

She has a busy subscription service with local businesses to deliver her bouquets weekly in the summer. She also supplies the flowers for many weddings, some of which are conducted at her picturesque farm.


At the end of the summer, Misty takes many pictures of her lovely flowers, and makes pendants, pillows, and other gift items “to be able to look at them all year ‘round”.

From just a few minutes after meeting Misty, you can tell that she is living her purpose. She radiates happiness about what she does and talks passionately about her flowers and her farm. She’s also an author, planning to write more books about her life’s journey.

Not everyone is a Misty, I understand that. However, we all have our individual gifts and talents waiting to be shared with the world.

Are you still wondering what you’d most like to experience in your life?

To answer questions such as these I became a Profiting from Your Passions Career Transition Coach. I needed to find answers for myself and also want to help people create their ideal life.

​​​I help you get answers to these questions, and empower you to get clear about what you most love and feel moved to do, to be or have at this point in your life.

Getting clarity is the first step to taking full charge of your life.

Deciding that you are worthy of living your most passionate life can be a bigger step.

That’s what had to happen for me. Clarity and a big life decision to live the life I most yearned for and knew could come true.

That decision has led me to share a powerful and transformative seven step program created by Dr. Valerie Young.  It helps you get clarity on what you most want to experience in life. You learn to use the tools that enable you to go out there and get it while earning an income.

It’s an incredible opportunity to live your passions.

So call me at 973-346-2663 to schedule a free strategy session.

However, there is a disclaimer. I only accept clients that truly want to change their lives and are willing to work.

Many people daydream about changes that they would like to see in their lives, but often procrastinate or give up when the going gets tough.

Ever go on a diet only to go off it when you find that dessert irresistible?


I assist you in finishing the course that YOU have chosen to accomplish and the goal that YOU wish to attain. With my coaching you will definitely reach your goals, but YOU do your work. I do mine.

So if you are a complainer or whiner, and are looking for a get rich quick scheme, please do not call me for a strategy session.

However, if you are really wanting to see a wonderful transformation in your life, and want to feel rewarded and fulfilled in exploring what could be instead of what’s always been, then please go ahead and call me.

I’d love to help you to do what you love, and love what you do.

My guarantee:  Hit your goals, or get coached for free.

All the Best,

Hillary – Your Biz Mama